Special Education

  • The Special Education Department for APWCSD is committed to providing the appropriate programming for students with educational disabilities based on their needs from age three through high school graduation or the year the student turns 21 years of age. Students have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) that is developed and reviewed regularly by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Committee on Pre-school Special Education (CPSE). The student's individual needs are assessed and the intent of the district is to place each student in the least restrictive environment. Special education services are typically provided within our schools. However, if a student requires more intense programming than the district is able to provide, an alternative setting would be explored. In this situation, we work closely with CiTi (Oswego County BOCES) to select an appropriate program that is able to meet that particular student's needs.

    The CSE and CPSE meet annually to review each student's strengths, needs, goals and program. The CSE or CPSE may be requested to convene at other times to amend or modify the IEP as needed. At the meetings new goals are established and program and services are determined. The APW Special Education Department employs special education teachers, teaching assistants, and various related service providers. All staff receives ongoing professional development to assure that our students receive a quality and up-to-date education.

    The district provides a Continuum of Services to meet the needs of the students. For those students who require more assistance, their services could be consultant teacher, resource room support, integrated co-teaching, or special classes. It is the responsibility of the CSE to discuss the student's present strengths and needs and determine the appropriate program on an individual basis. The programs vary by level based on the curriculum and the requirements of the present population.

    It is the goal of the APW School district that each and every student exits as a productive member of the community. All students should reach their potential and achieve all that they are capable of. The staff at APWCSD works collaboratively to assure that this is true for all students. Students with special needs are no exception - they all are a part of our educational community. For a complete review of all district policies, practices and procedures with regards to special education, please refer to the District Special Education Plan.

Meredith Furlong

    Meredith Furlong
    Director of Special Education
    p: (315) 625-5235

    Lisa Archer
    Secretary to the Director of Special Education
    p: (315) 625-5234
    f: (315) 625-4273