Rosemary Place

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  • My name is Rosemary Place.  I am the elementary school psychologist. I have worked in the APW School District for 25 years.  As the school psychologist, I   wear a lot of hats.  I am in charge of the Committee on Special Education, the Committee on Preschool Special Education  and the 504 Accommodation  Committee.  I  conduct psychoeducational evaluations  for students suspected of having a disability.    I also sit on the building's Response to Intervention team where we problem solve solutions for struggling learners .    I  see students for individual and group counseling.  In addition, I have been a coach for Battle of the Books for  over 10 years.     l live in Minetto with my husband and my dog, Luna. I have two grown daughters.  One lives in Oswego and one lives in Maine.  I am also the director of Faith Formation at my church.  I enjoy reading (especially Harry Potter books!), going for long walks and traveling.