SES Study Group Projections 2018

  • In early 2018, the APW Board of Education contracted with the SES Study Team, LLC to provide three baseline studies necessary to support school district planning.

    1.  ENROLLMENT PROJECTION/DEMOGRAPHIC STUDY:  District Need:  Estimate future enrollment trends of the district based on historical enrollment data, historical live birth data, and patterns of enrollment at the various grade levels.

    2.  SCHOOL BUILDING CAPACITY ANALYSIS STUDY:  District Need: Determine the pupil capacity of the school building facilities based on the current program, local values about class size, and estimated future enrollments.

    3.  FINANCIAL HEALTH SNAPSHOT:  District Need: Provide a 'guest outsider' perspective of the 'Financial Health' of the School District.

    The study was completed and shared with the Board of Education in March 2018 and reports are provided with the links below:

    APW CSD Budget Projection Tool - March 2018
    Financial Health Snapshot Continued - March 2018
    Financial Health Snapshot - March 2018
    Enrollment Demographic Study - March 2018
    Pupil Capacity Study - March 2018