APW Board of Education Bylaws

  • Agenda:  The agenda will be the automatic order of business. A member may request a change with the approval of the President.

    Addendum:  The addendum should be for "urgent” items only.

    The addendum will be approved by the Board

    Voting will be by one voice--

    a.  There are a few items that require a roll call vote (i.e., budget, bonds, borrowing & tax warrants)
    b.  A roll call vote may be requested by a member with the President's approval.
    c.  Roll call votes may be rotated at the discretion of the President
    d.  The President will announce all voting results.

    Presentations/Reports to the Board – each report will be presented to the Board by using the microphone at the podium, when applicable.  Each report/presentation to the Board should be no more than 10 – maximum 15 minutes in length.  Time for questions will be allotted after the presentation/report.  It will be the District Clerk’s responsibility to time the presentation/report, thus keeping the Board on track.

    Discussion -

             a) The President will control all discussion by recognizing each speaker, and has the right to invoke Parliamentary Procedure and Roberts Rules of Order as occasions arise.
             b) The order of speakers will be determined by the President.
             c) The length of each person speaking will be determined by the President.
             d) When the President feels that discussion is starting to repeat itself, the President may call for a vote.
             e) A member may ask to terminate discussion of a topic so voting may be done. This must be approved by the President.

    Executive session will be held at the end of meetings when possible. The Board will appoint a Clerk Pro Tem if the District Clerk does not attend the executive session.  The President will state to the public if any action will be taken following the executive session.

    The President and the Superintendent will decide who will speak officially for the district.

    Building Visitation Committee:  A building Visitation Committee, comprised of a minimum of two members of the Board of Education  shall be appointed annually at the Reorganizational Meeting and shall tour, twice a year, the various schools and/or ancillary facilities of the District and formally report on their condition to the Board of Education.

    Recess:  The President may declare a recess.

    Question of Privilege:   When a member raises a question of privilege, the President will decide whether to grant it or not.

     (i.e. clarification of a motion, legal, proper order, parliamentary inquiry, etc.)

    Floor to the Public: The public will be allowed to address the board at a designated time during the meeting using the               microphone at the podium, when applicable.  Time allotment will be as follows: three (3) minutes on an individual issue, or five (5) minutes on a group issue for a designated speaker to represent the group.  Please state your name and address for the record. However, if the pressure of business or other circumstances dictate, the board president may decide to curtail or rescind this practice.  Comments by the public will not necessarily be answered at that time unless the question has been researched by the BOE, otherwise it will be the responsibility of the President/Superintendent to respond with an answer as soon as possible.

    Meetings:  There are basically two types of meetings: regular and special. Under special would be: 1) action will be taken; and 2) no action will be taken - general discussion.

    Board Action:  All Board actions will be by proper motions.  Consensus is not an official action.

    The Board would prefer to have their meetings remain informal.  The Board realizes that there are some items that are required to be formal.

    Discussion items not on the agenda:

              a) Limit to two topics per Board Member.
              b) When possible provide the President with a memo before the meeting.
              c) Good faith effort by Board Members to not "surprise or embarrass” other members or staff with an item.
              d) Limit discussion to five (5) minutes on an item.
              e) No action may be taken by Board at this meeting on these items if one member objects.

    All Board Members can have their items on an agenda, but at the Superintendent’s & President's discretion they may be deferred up to two (2) meetings.

    The agenda will be drawn up by the Superintendent, President, and Vice President at a time agreeable to them.

    The Board will extend all courtesies to each other.

    It is the responsibility of each Board Member to contact the Superintendent concerning items in the Board packages if they have questions.

    The bylaws will be introduced at a business meeting and voted on at the following business meeting.